Gilmar San Buenaventura, PFA, AFP ®

Financial Consultant, Associate Unit Manager, Business Consultant, IT Consultant and Co-Founder of Game Changer Funnel

Over the past 7 years, I have helped over a thousand young professionals prepare towards financial risks through proper financial planning and leveraging on tailor fitted financial solutions. I started my journey when I was still working as a software developer - pay was good, work load was fine and the general work environment was comfortable. But then I realized, I didn't know what to do with my money and how to spend it wisely. Hence, ending up with lots of debt and it's becoming a cycle. Apparently, it's also a common problem to many young starters.

That's when I found the value of financial planning. Since then, it became my advocacy to help as many Filipinos as I can to become financially literate and responsible about their finances. I believe that together, we can make a change for a better future for this country.

What's New?

AIA Philippines introduces its best guaranteed plan yet, AIA A+ Signature!

  • Get 2X increase on your coverage upon approval

  • Enjoy guaranteed payouts starting the 6th year and every other year until age 100!

  • Perfect for retirement, education and other goals if you want guaranteed benefits.

  • Plus, it has dividends which accumulate at higher rate than traditional time deposit!

  • Available at 5, 10 and 20-year payment period.

Tara, usap tayo so that we can help you look forward to a better future for you and your family!

Services Offered:

Legacy Planning

Protect your income for your family by leaving a legacy through insurance planning. Whatever happens to you, your loved ones will be taken care of. In the event that you may need to transfer all your assets to your family, this can also save them from paying huge estate taxes that come with it so you are assured that all your hard-earned wealth will be preserved.

Health Insurance

Be prepared with life's uncertainties especially when it comes to being stricken by major illnesses. Without any prepared fund for these instances may leave a huge hole in your savings. Set up an enough health fund for yourself so you wouldn't have to worry about your future dreams and goals.


The last thing that you want to worry about when you're sick is medical expenses. That's where your health card comes in handy. With HMO, you can focus more on getting better and faster because it gets you covered. While your current company may offer you this, it pays to have a personal plan that you can use wherever and whoever you're working for.

Investment Planning

Go from being man at work to letting your money work for you through investing. With a lot of investment schemes out there, discover the right option for you based on your goal's time horizon and risk appetite. Learn also how you can leverage on different market opportunities - locally and globally - so you can start preparing for your future financial goals.

Education Planning

Give the gift of love to your child through setting up an adequate education funding as you prepare for his/her future. While ideally, the stock market or high-risk investment instruments still offer the highest possible returns, it is important to consider GUARANTEES as well so that whatever happens, your dreams for your child is still realized. Explore the best of both worlds.

Retirement Planning

Do you want your golden years to become your longest holiday or your longest nightmare? The choice is always yours. Learn how to compute for your retirement fund needed and prepare for it while you're young and abled. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Time can be your greatest ally or enemy when it comes to retirement planning.

Corporate Solutions

Growing your small enterprise is easier when you have a healthy, productive employees. Ensure your employees' health by providing them meaningful company health benefits.

Group Medical

Health insurance is one of the most sought after employee benefits. Allow us to help you attract talent while improving your employees' and your company's health.

Wellness Program

Earn rewards by living active through our AIA Vitality - a wellness program that gives you perks, discounts, freebies, premium discount and coverage booster to your insurance benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to meet face-to-face to apply for insurance?

It would be best for us to meet in person for me to know you better and assist you better but if location is a limitation, we can set up a meeting virtually via online video conferencing platform that you prefer (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Skype, Viber, etc.) at your most convenient time as well. Since 2020, the Insurance Commission has granted all Insurance companies to operate 100% digitally which means that wherever you are in the Philippines, we can process your application. You don't have to worry about location limitation because you only need a good internet connection. As long as you are able, healthy, young and can afford the plan, we can apply for life insurance. Better to have it and not need it than need it and don't have it.

Do you offer VUL (investment-linked) plans?

AIA Philippines offer a wide range of financial products that cater to different financial goals - insurance, health and medical funding, retirement, education, corporate benefits, etc. These investment-linked plans or also known as VUL plans offer both insurance benefits and high potential for your money to grow over time through our expertly-managed funds. One of the advantages of partnering with AIA Philippines is that we have competitive and well-diversified funds to choose from extending from local to global market. Our local funds are managed by BIMI (BPI Investment Management, Inc) and our global market funds are managed by Baillie Gifford, Wellington Management, Black Rock and AIA Investment Management whose assets being managed goes up to $7.32 Trillion. You will be riding with these well-established and strong fund managers as you get a VUL plan. You may visit this link to know more.

Do you offer term insurance or traditional plans?

If you are a risk-averse, conservative investor or someone who wants to handle his investments personally regardless of your risk appetite, a term insurance or traditional plans might be best fit for you. AIA Philippines offer a wide array of products for you to explore - some offer comprehensive life and health insurance coverage, standalone life or accident coverage, endowment plans with guaranteed savings and regular payouts, etc. Each plan is unique and targeted towards a specific financial goal. To help you find out the best plan for you, you may reach out to us so we can discuss it over Zoom or in person.

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